A breakdown of 'Inconvenience'

Inertia: Seen as inborn, gestalt, honour, of choice in you. I see it as generating only one link, you claim several hundred links and the cliché of intentionally breaking links down, with furrowed brows

Plentitude: Met with silence, it's assumed to be distributed in accordance with activity the more the better and the better becomes irrelevant. Associated with industry of certain kinds not house, not care, not harbouring, not red moon

Debt: like this...

You: Working on the displacement of the ornamental
Me: Holding a hand underneath the curved bottom edge of the plate
You: Sayin it's the stratification of the meeting between modular thinking and ornamental thinking that consolidates and crystallizes into an awkwardly inverted space
Me: Feeling uncomfortable asks for example of modular thinking
You: Demonstrates modular thinking
Me: Somehow you owe me and my kind
You: Look uncomfortable, asks for defense
You: I have decided, quite some time ago - maybe as a prerequisite that my rag had to be sewn together of half silk and half dishcloth, with all the inconveniences and opportunities this consequently provides with respect to how the folds fall

Protective factors: Disposition on the one hand and luck on the other, we can make ourselves more or less valuable. We're now encouraged to get back into what we're doing and ignore what that is. You can talk about feeling but not in the context of making, only confined to a piece all done.

Personal requirements and comfort: Only in relation to resilience, or as an equivalent to a red moon*